One Small Hitch Is Delightfully Entertaining

I am very particular in the movies I choose to watch. With certain exceptions, I need a movie to be lighthearted and fun. I also need it to wrap itself up by the end. Chill entertainment is primary.

So when I saw the trailer for One Small Hitch, it looked like it might be right up my alley. Here, take a look:

I was invited to take a sneak peek of the movie before it was released and, after watching, I was totally right about it being just my kind of movie. The movie was delightfully entertaining. A little My Best Friend’s Wedding meets The Proposal with a little Meet the Parents thrown in for good measure.

One Small Hitch is a pretty traditional romantic comedy with entertaining and funny hi-jinks (plus some touching, emotional moments) along the way. It’s set in Chicago with lots of quick glances of the skyline. The movie stars Aubrey Dollar, who stars in CBS’s Battle Creek (but, more importantly in terms of pop culture placement, had roles on Guiding Light and Dawson’s Creek – leave a comment if you remember the characters she played!), and Shane McRae of FOX’s The Following (he was also in Still Alice and The Help).

Both of the stars are great in this movie. So are the string of supporting actors making up their families. One funny character after another.

One Small Hitch is opening with a limited release, today, February 6, 2015. In the Greater Boston area, it will be playing at Hollywood Hits in Danvers.

Starting today, the movie is also available on Video On Demand. Rent or buy One Small Hitch on Amazon(affiliate link).


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