2018 Boston Auto Show

So many awesome cars on display at this year’s Boston Auto show including this brand new 2018 Honda Accord, winner of Kelly Blue Book’s Best Buy Award.

Check out some other photos from the 2018 Boston Car Show.

Disclosure: I was invited to a sneak peek of the 2018 Boston Auto Show by Honda and A Girls Guide to Cars.


Last call for apples at Honeypot Hill Farms


Boston Sunset


10 Awesome Comcast Xfinity Features

I was recently invited with a group of Xfinity Moms to a holiday party to learn about what’s new and improved with the Comcast services. I’ve partnered with them for this sponsored post to share with you a few of my favorite offerings. As always, all opinions are my own.

Mobile Service for Xfinity Customers

Comcast Wireless Press Event
This is one of my favorite Comcast offerings. Xfinity Mobile combines a reliable 4G LTE network with the largest Wi-Fi network of more than 18 million hotspots across the country. Mobile services is available to all Xfinity Internet customers and includes up to five lines of unlimited nationwide talk and text, no line access fees, and 100 MB of shared data. For more information and to purchase Xfinity Mobile online, go to XfinityMobile.com.

For additional data packages, there are two options: 1) unlimited data for $45 a line or 2) “By the Gig” for $12 per GB of shared data across all lines of the account per month. You can switch and save to Unlimited at any time of the month. You can also mix and match across account — unlimited for heavy users and By The Gig for less active users. This is such a great, flexible options for families.

Find Your Phone

XM Find My Phone
This mobile feature might be my favorite of all. If you ask my family, they’ll be quick to tell you why. My phone really does seem to walk away on its own. To use phone finder, all you have to say is “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone.” Your phone is called and you’ll hear a pre-recorded audio message.

Xfinity Voice Remote

When you finally sit down at the end of the long day, sometimes trying to find the show you want to watch can seem extra daunting. Xfinity has such a cool option for moments like these: VOICE REMOTE. Push the microphone button on the remote, and speak directly into the remote to search networks, shows, movies, actor/actress names, set DVR recordings, change the channel and more. This is also a great option for your kiddos. “Play Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, please.”

They’ve made even more improvements recently allowing customers to go back and go forward in a show or movie by a specific amount of time. “Go forward 5 minutes.”

Xfinity Kids Zone

Xfinity Kids Zone is a big bonus for families. Kids Zone is a special section that is safe and secure for kids to explore digitally on their own. They can watch their favorite shows and discover new programming that is kid appropriate. They can even access it themselves by activating the voice remote, “Kids Zone.” If your kids are fans of Santa, they’ll love the Santa tracker so fun!

X1 on Xfinity

Kids Zone and Voice Remote are just two of the cool perks of the X1 platform on Xfinity. Common Sense Media ratings and reviews are also integrated directly into the TV. The Common Sense Media site is usually my first stop to check to see if a movie or tv show is appropriate for my son. To have this parent generated feedback integrated into the actual service is such a great bonus.
Two apps were added recently – YouTube and IHeartRadio. You’re probably familiar with these from online and mobile, but Xfinity has added specifically tailored for TV versions. A great way to catch up on your favorite YouTube stars and radio shows.

xFi Pods

If you’re like us, you have that spot in your house where you wifi isn’t quite as strong. For us, it’s a guest area that is in an addition that was added to our house after the original house was built. It could be your basement or your garage. If you are a Comcast customer, there’s a great option to increase the strength of your connection. They are called xFi Pods. They are easy to install (plug into a regular outlet and controlled via app) and work seamlessly with the xFi Gateways, allowing you to create a whole-home, mesh Wifi network very affordably. At the time of this post, 3 packs are are $119 and 6 packs are $199.

Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home is a platform that allows you to stay connected to your home even while you’re out and about. How great to see who is coming and going at your house even if you’re sitting at the local coffee shop. Customers can add 24/7 video monitoring and download/share past events for up to 10 days. You can also set things up to control lights and your thermostat remotely.

Xfinity DVR

Xfinity has a Stream app that allows you to access your cloud DVR on the go. Love this so much. This means that you can watch anything on your mobile device that you’ve recorded on your home DVR at home or on the go. You can also download those recordings which is a great option for travel. There are also more than 200 networks that you can stream live while on the go. You can stream live nearly the entire lineup on your mobile devices while you are inside your home.

Xfinity Apps

In addition to Xfinity Home and the Xfinity Stream app, customers have access to Xfinity My Account and Xfinity Connect. My Account makes it easy to manage all of the Xfinity services including paying your bill and changing Wifi settings. Xfinity Connect allows you to manage your calls and emails (Comcast.net). The Comcast service provides free Voice2go service which allows you to take the Xfinity Voice calls on the go with you including overseas!


Xfi is a digital dashboard for customers to see what is going on on their home wifi networks. You can see what devices are currently using the wifi, troubleshoot, and even pause access by device. Did you hear that parents? You can pause access to wifi BY DEVICE and also by user. With. A. Tap. This is such a game changer.

To find an Xfinity store near you to check out all of these services and more, visit Xfinity’s web site.


Snowmen Cake Pops from Yummy Mummy

How cute is he?!? Perfect treat for a friend! Made by @yummymummybakery and procured at @redbarncoffee.