Sharing On Facebook Just Got Easier – Here Comes One Click Sharing

While Twitter just gave users the ability to comment easier on a retweet, Facebook just made it easier for users to share something to their friends without a comment.

Tonight when I was on the desktop version of Facebook, I noticed these new options when you click “Share” on the bottom of a post.

One Click Sharing Change for Facebook

Share Now (Friends) – When you select “Share Now (Friends).” the post is immediately shared on your timeline to your friends.

Share… – When you select “Share…,” you get the old share dialog box which allows you to make a comment and share it to your timeline, group, as a message, etc.

Send as Message – When you select, “Send as Message,” a dialog box pops up that allows you to select the friend(s) that you want to send a private message including the post to.

This should make it easier and faster for users to share posts. What do you think about the new setup? Leave a note in the comments.


Photos from Boston Ballet’s Shades of Sound

Blogging can be funny. I’ve had lots of unique experiences thanks to it, but like everything else, some of these experiences start to look and feel like each other. THEN sometimes you get a *very* unique opportunity. I had such an amazing opportunity last week. It all started with an invitation to attend and photograph a dress rehearsal for Boston Ballet‘s latest production called “Shades of Sound.”

I knew that I definitely wanted to attend to get photos for Family Friendly Boston. I also was looking forward to testing out my improving camera skills in an environment that would be pretty difficult for a girl and her hobby camera – no flash, lots of movement, etc.

I took A LOT of photos, and I actually got a few that thrilled me. Like this one.

Boston Ballet Black Cake

The overwhelming feeling I left with though was the awe of this Boston Ballet company of dancers and the enjoyment value of the production. The artistry of these dancers was amazing. The music from the full orchestra was completely entertaining. I was completely mesmerized by the whole performance.

Shades of Sound is actually three very different performances combined – Chroma, Episodes, and Black Cake – separated by a brief intermission. Each one delightful in its own way. Chroma features music by Jack White. Yes, that Jack White. So different and perfect!

It was fascinating to watch the rehearsal. At the end of each ballet, notes would be shared. The orchestra and conductor would work on certain notes that were hard to hear but important to the choreography in the run through. Literally, art in action.

If you want to go, grab your tickets quick. This performance is only in Boston for a few more days.

Even if you’re not a huge ballet fan, I encourage you to try this performance. It’s a perfect night out — grab your girlfriends or your date. Diane wrote about it on Family Friendly Boston. There you’ll also see the AMAZING photography by Nikki from Nikki Myers Photography.

Here are some of the other photos from the rehearsal!

Are we friends on Instagram? Let’s connect, and check out the little video I put together using my photos. Bonus – you can hear a snippet of music from the actual rehearsal played by the full orchestra conducted by Jonathan McPhee.

A sneak peek at @BostonBallet's #ShadesOfSounds running now through March 29 in #Boston.

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One Small Hitch Is Delightfully Entertaining

I am very particular in the movies I choose to watch. With certain exceptions, I need a movie to be lighthearted and fun. I also need it to wrap itself up by the end. Chill entertainment is primary.

So when I saw the trailer for One Small Hitch, it looked like it might be right up my alley. Here, take a look:

I was invited to take a sneak peek of the movie before it was released and, after watching, I was totally right about it being just my kind of movie. The movie was delightfully entertaining. A little My Best Friend’s Wedding meets The Proposal with a little Meet the Parents thrown in for good measure.

One Small Hitch is a pretty traditional romantic comedy with entertaining and funny hi-jinks (plus some touching, emotional moments) along the way. It’s set in Chicago with lots of quick glances of the skyline. The movie stars Aubrey Dollar, who stars in CBS’s Battle Creek (but, more importantly in terms of pop culture placement, had roles on Guiding Light and Dawson’s Creek – leave a comment if you remember the characters she played!), and Shane McRae of FOX’s The Following (he was also in Still Alice and The Help).

Both of the stars are great in this movie. So are the string of supporting actors making up their families. One funny character after another.

One Small Hitch is opening with a limited release, today, February 6, 2015. In the Greater Boston area, it will be playing at Hollywood Hits in Danvers.

Starting today, the movie is also available on Video On Demand. Rent or buy One Small Hitch on Amazon(affiliate link).



Instagram Fun: Valentines from Etsy

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I am mildly obsessed with these great printable Valentines that my son picked out on etsy yesterday. They were super easy to customize and printed perfectly on to white cardstock. Perfect fun for our [yet another] snow day.

Find them here: Woodland Animal Pink from elyocedesigns on Etsy


Talk Less, Do More.

Love this quote by Amy Poehler, who is the 2015 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.

Amy Poehler Quote Advice